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Title: The Subplot (22/?)
Author: Me. a.k.a. mugglerock
Warning(s): Something that resembles angst.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: H/D
Category: Domestidrabble with a touch of angst and silliness.
Disclaimer: Why, yes! I do happen to own Harry Potter. I also own Disneyland, the Marlboro cigarette company, Playboy, and Big Ben. *relents* Not mine, no money, no sue.
Spoilers: Inadvertant if applied.
Feedback: Please, Sir? May I have some more?

Summary: Draco is an honorary Gryffindor, Hermione should be a Seer, Ron is a lovable clueless bastard, and what the hell is going on with Snape and Charlie? Oh, and Harry makes an appearance.

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20. The Scheme Begins.
21. The First Phase.

Author's notes: HOLY CRAP! AN UPDATE! I know, I've been gone for far too long. I had written 22 and 23 in their entirety, and then realized it was total crap and re-wrote them. I was going to wait to post this part until I'd finished 23 as well so I could post them together, but decided, screw that, I've made you wait so long. The good thing is, the parts seem to be getting longer. I'm hoping for a full-on fic by the time the final part is written. I'm thinking it will end at 25, but I don't want to confirm that, considering how often I change my mind. I've been busy with the t-shirtmakery for the website. Our first HP related shirt is up and we hope to get a couple more up by this weekend! Whee! See this entry if you are intrigued, or, you know, you want to see what's been keeping me from writing. XD! Remember, if you like it, gimme gimme <3<3s!

Hermione and Parvati had automatically parted ways when they left the kitchen. Hermione waited for Snape by the front door. She smirked inwardly at the Slytherin’s delay. Harry was probably questioning Snape about his motives, just as she predicted he would. Harry was by no means stupid, but the boy was still gullible when it came to those he trusted. She sighed sadly. When would he ever learn?

When Snape came through the kitchen door with a satisfied smirk on his face, Hermione held back a chuckle and smiled at the man.

She held the door open for her former professor.

Snape nodded cordially, “Thank you, Ms. Granger.”

“You’re welcome.”

As the pair of them walked in companionable silence down the street, Hermione lost the semblance of control she had over her tongue and finally asked, “What happened in the kitchen, Professor?”

Snape chuckled, rather surprised the witch hadn’t bombarded him with questions the second the door had closed, “Precisely what you thought would happen, Ms. Granger. Potter impugned my motives and I set him straight with the vague story you and Mr. Malfoy had asked me to recant. His reaction was as you had predicted, which would probably explain why he did not query me as to why I could not place an impenetrable charm around my personal chambers, or a silencing charm around Draco’s instead of purchasing a new home entirely…”

Hermione looked torn between smiling and frowning. She was pleased that their plan appeared to be working thus far, but couldn’t help feeling a little guilty at manipulating her best friend.

The Slytherin sighed, “Our actions are no worse than that of Ms. Patil’s, in fact, we are merely trying to prove to Potter that he has a choice, whereas she intends on manipulating him to believe that he does not. Guilt is quite an unnecessary emotion, Ms. Granger.”

Hermione shook her head and chuckled, “Hasn’t anyone told you it’s not polite to read peoples’ minds, Professor?”

Snape smirked, “I can assure you, Ms. Granger, you would have noticed had I penetrated your mind. Part of playing the spy game for as long as I have, you learn to read people’s faces just as easily as their minds.”

The young witch flushed with slight embarrassment, “I’m sorry, Professor.”

“As you should be. Now, shall we locate the other pawns of your game and set into the second phase of the plan?”

Hermione nodded and the pair of them disapparated.


Draco was standing in the entryway of Grimmauld Place, holding a box, staring at nothing in particular. His seemingly vacant eyes did nothing to hide the fact that the Slytherin was off in his own little world. Thinking. Reminiscing. That entryway was where it had begun. The exact spot Draco found himself standing was where, one crazy night, he had found a drunken Gryffindor using a muggle road sign to prevent himself from falling. That significant moment immediately barrelled out of control and slowly contorted itself into a surrealistic relationship that brought out the best and the worst in both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.

After everything the both of them had been through, not just their haphazard attempt at a relationship, but the entirety of both of their lives, he still felt undeniably drawn to Harry. Which was a more cruel torture than anything the death eaters could have concocted. Harry Potter broke his heart, more than once in his pathetic lifetime, and he still came back.

He was back where they had “officially” started and it hurt like hell. He felt his lip start to tremble. He bit the weak appendage; he’d be damned if he allowed himself to shed another tear over Harry bloody Potter. The Gryffindor already had ownership of his heart; Draco wasn’t about to let him have any other part of himself.

Draco shook his head and sighed. He was confused, torn, and worst of all, heartbroken. At first, the thought of causing Harry even a little bit of the pain that the man had caused brought Draco a vindictive sort of pleasure. But now that the revenge phase had dissipated, he couldn’t help but analyze every possible outcome of this dangerous game Granger had them all playing. What if their plan were to work? If Harry came crawling back, would he be so foolish as to believe the pillock again? Would he even want to take Harry back? Draco’s head tried assure him that he would be stronger, wiser. His heart knew better.

Or the more realistic and painful scenario that Harry wouldn’t want to come back? Despite finally being shown what a manipulative cunt Patil is. What if Harry had meant it when he said he didn’t love him?

Or, it just plain did not work and their little game caused a permanent riff among the Golden Trio? Harry would not only be stuck in a loveless marriage, but completely friendless as well. What if absolutely everything went to cock? Many a life could be ruined in the aftermath.

But Severus had made a valid point. Harry needed to, at least, be given a choice under these circumstances. If anyone deserved a chance to choose the direction of his own life, it was the Savior of the Wizarding World. It really was about damn time.

He was shaken from his conflicted world of thought by a gentle nudge from Charlie Weasley.

The redhead smiled, “You looked about a million miles away there. Everything all right? Not having second thoughts now that we’ve moved most of your stuff back in? Because, if you are, I might have to strangle you.”

Draco chuckled, “No, I… I’m just, well…” Draco put the box down and ruffled his own hair as he sighed in aggravation, “My lack of bloody eloquence is driving me bonkers. I’ve been spending far too much time in the company of Gryffindors…”

Severus Snape walked by at that moment, carrying a trunk while levitating a couple stacks of books, and muttered, “Too bloody right…”

Charlie laughed and called to the retreating form of his former Professor, “Oh, Snapie-poo, be careful or someone might think you’re jealous of Draco’s acceptance into the world of red and gold.”

Severus’ back tensed as he stopped dead in his tracks. He placed the trunk down and levitated the stacks of books to the floor beside it.

Draco stepped away from Charlie and watched in amusement what was sure to be an entertaining pageantry of wizard hexes.

The older Slytherin arched his brow and smirked as he casually walked towards the smiling Gryffindor. Severus rolled his sleeves up slowly, “Firstly, my name is Severus Snape. NOT ‘Snapie-poo’. And secondly, Mr. Weasley, did you just imply that I would want to become an honorary Gryffindor?”

Severus very much resembled a snake, slithering gracefully towards its unsuspecting prey. Generally, such a sight would cause any normal person to apologize profusely and quickly run away before getting their nose hexed off. But Charlie Weasley was a Gryffindor. And not just a Gryffindor, but one that played with dragons on a regular basis.

Draco chuckled. This was going to be fun to watch. He could only hope that Granger and the other Weasleys would manage to come in time for the show.

Charlie folded his arms against his chest, “Well, Sevvie, if the red and gold scarf fits…”

Severus smiled indulgently and casually withdrew his wand. He held it loosely in his hand, no apparent intent to use it.

Charlie smirked and did the same.

“Mr. Weasley, I’m afraid you appear to have some sort of memory malfunction. As I stated just a moment ago, my name is ‘Severus Snape’. Perhaps a little,” He tightened his grip on his wand and aimed it smoothly, “Langlock! Will help you remember?”

Charlie’s retort was muffled due to the fact that his tongue was now glued to the roof of his mouth.

Draco snickered into his hand.

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley walked into the house at that moment.

Draco grabbed both of them by the sleeves of their shirts, pulling them to the side of the landing he had been occupying.

“What’s going on?” Ron asked.

“Your brother accused Severus of wanting to be a Gryffindor.”

Ron’s mouth opened in shock, “And he’s still got his bits?”

Draco smirked, “So far. Just keep to the sidelines and watch the fun.”

The three of them then continued to watch the show.

Charlie had cast a nonverbal Opugno, causing the books that Severus had been levitating earlier, to attack him. He then obviously cast a nonverbal Finite on himself, because he was cheerfully mocking the older Slytherin. “Oh, come on, Sevvie! Surely a big, bad, Slytherin can win a fight against some flying books?”

After a few moments of angrily shoving the books away, Severus cast Immobulus on them. He elegantly pushed the hair from his eyes, “Nonverbal spells? Impressive, Mr. Weasley. It’s good to know that your years at Hogwarts weren’t a total waste… Tarantallegra!”

Charlie attempted to make a rude hand gesture at the three spectators that were laughing at his current predicament; his legs dancing about erratically without his consent. He cast the counter and turned to Severus. He chuckled a little breathlessly, “And it’s rather endearing to find that despite all of your years as a death eater spy, you still use silly hexes in a duel… Rictusempra!”

All four of the former students were then stunned to hear, for the very first time in their lives, Severus Snape genuinely laugh. In the few moments before he cast the counter on himself, they all bore witness to a truly interesting spectacle. When Severus Snape actually smiled, it completely changed his face. His eyes shone and gave every line of his usually blank face a wonderful sense of character. It suited him.

Breathless from the moment of uncharacteristic behavior, Severus scowled and replied, “I do not attempt to use Unforgivables when there are witnesses present, Mr. Weasley. And with that, I think I will now end this… Incarcerous!”

Charlie gasped as the conjured ropes tied his legs together and his hands behind his back. He didn’t even have a chance to think before he heard the older Slytherin cast Expelliarmus. Severus Snape had just unarmed and magically bound him. Charlie couldn’t help but laugh.

The three spectators joined him.

Severus smirked as the Gryffindor’s wand flew into his hand. He arched a brow at his former pupil as he approached him, “Now, Mr. Weasley, what did we learn?”

Charlie rolled his eyes, “That grumpy old Slytherins like to stay that way and no one should ever imply otherwise?”

“Precisely. And?”

“And I shouldn’t let my guard down,” Charlie recited dully.

“Anything else?”

“Yeh, actually, shouldn’t you listen to your own advice, Professor?”

Severus narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the Gryffindor, “What are you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Charlie Weasley had leaned forward and silenced Severus Snape with his lips. The three spectators ceased their laughing with multiple gasps of horror.

When Severus gasped, Charlie pushed further and slid his tongue in his unsuspecting former Professor’s mouth. After a few moments, Severus realized what he was doing and pushed the Gryffindor away. A gentle show of force to ensure the kiss was broken, but Charlie didn’t land on his arse.

“What, exactly, did you think you were doing, Mr. Weasley?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders awkwardly, considering his hands were still tied behind his back, “You let your guard down, so I went in for the kill,” He flashed a cheeky smile at the Slytherin, “You’re a good kisser, by the way.”

Severus chuckled mirthlessly, “I’m flattered, Mr. Weasley, truly, but you are, as the muggles say, ‘barking up the wrong fish’.”

“Tree,” Hermione offered bravely.

Severus turned to the brunette, “Excuse me?”

Ron and Draco turned away from the witch, whistling innocently and starting a murmured conversation amongst themselves.

Hermione trembled under the man’s glare, “Umm, it’s, ‘barking up the wrong tree,’ Professor. I think you have it confused with the, ‘plenty of fish in the sea,’ saying…”

Severus glared at her a few more moments, to ensure her interruption was as unwelcome as it was unnecessary, before turning back to the bound, cheeky, Gryffindor, “Whatever the saying is, I believe you get my meaning, Mr. Weasley?”

Charlie looked down sadly and nodded, like a child being scolded, “You’re straight, then?”

“My sexual preferences are neither here nor there.”

“Seeing someone?”

Severus let out an exasperated sigh, “Again, neither here nor there. If you are quite finished, I will leave your wand on the table and get back to this whole moving business. I’m sure one of the members of the more than attentive audience would be glad to assist you…”

And with that, Severus Snape left the room in a flourish of robes.

Charlie stared on, stunned.

Ron turned to Draco, “What the bloody hell was that about?”

Draco shook his head, “I haven’t the faintest idea.”

Ron laughed and clapped the blond on his back, “Alright!”

The three others turned to look at Ron in bemusement.

He gave them all a flashy grin, “Malfoy doesn’t have a clue. That means he’s officially a Gryffindor!”

Charlie laughed, whereas Hermione and Draco smacked Ron upside the head.

Draco smiled at the whiny protestations Ron was making at the abuse. He had to admit, life in the lair of the lions might be a little bizarre, but it was definitely quite amusing, and if he was totally honest, he didn’t mind one bit.


Severus had left shortly after the debacle between himself and the second oldest Weasley, which was followed by Ron bombarding his brother with a string of annoying questions; ‘Why did you kiss him?’, ‘Are you bloody crazy?’, ‘Are you attracted to the greasy git?’, ‘You think he’s queer?’. ‘If he is, why would you want to kiss him?’…

It ended with Charlie casting Silencio on his brother, and Hermione and Draco refusing to help their friend.

Ron was going red in the face trying to silently beg Hermione to help him out.

She shook her head, “I’m sorry, Ronald. Serves you right, really. You shouldn’t be nosing in your brother’s business like that. And you should have learned how to cast nonverbal spells properly.”

“Besides, the quiet is a nice change,” Draco added with a cheeky grin.

Ron made a rude hand gesture at the blond and left the front room in a huff.

Draco and Hermione shared a laugh and went back to the tedious job of unpacking. No matter how much magic was in assist, Draco hated the chore.

Just as Draco was levitating the new curtains up, there came a knock at the front door. He called to Hermione, “I’ll get it.”

When he opened it, he was stunned to find Harry Potter on the other side.

Harry fidgeted with the hem of his shirt nervously, “Ummm, Hi.”

Draco’s eyebrows scrunched up in confusion, “Hello…”

After a few minutes of Harry silently continuing to fidget with his shirt hem, Draco shook his head and sighed, “What do you want?”

The blond’s annoyed tone sobered Harry up and he let out a nervous bark of laughter. “Well, I know I’m probably the last person you expect, or even want, to see here, but, well I… You… I’m… Well…”

“Spit it out, Potter. Just bloody say it.”

“I know that you’re seeing someone else now, I think that’s fantastic, you know? I’m really happy for you and, well, that’s not the point really, and…”

Draco sighed and slowed his speech as though talking to a mentally challenged child, or Ron, “What… Is it… That you… Want?”

“I want to apologize for the way I treated you. It was… It wasn’t nice… I just… I want to apologize, Draco. I’m sorry.” Harry looked into the blond’s eyes, searching for any kind of recognition.

Draco kept his blank mask up and stared at Harry for a few moments. He secretly enjoyed the nervous fidgeting his silence was causing the Gryffindor. He finally sighed in aggravation, “Absolution granted. Go with God. We’re done.”

Draco started to close the door when Harry put his hand up to stall his actions, “Wait.”

Draco started to lose his patience, his smile a sarcastic parody as he sighed again, “What?”

“I… I also wanted… I… Well, you see… I… I’m… I want…”

Draco smacked himself in the forehead and growled, “For the love of bloody Merlin in taffeta, you stuttering imbecile! Come back when you have a firmer grasp on the English language!” He slammed the door in the Gryffindor’s face and leaned against the door, trying to gain control over his over-excited lungs.

Hermione approached him and smiled, “How’d it go?”

Draco laughed, “If I didn’t happen to know you failed Divination, I’d think you were a Seer. How did you know he’d come by and apologize to me?”

“Well, first off, I didn’t fail Divination, I dropped the class because Trelawney is an old fraud. Everyone knows that. And secondly, I like to think I know how one of my best friends, and a boy who has been in my life for over a decade, operates. Since he found out that you were, ‘seeing someone else’ he has been wracked with guilt and jealousy.”

Draco arched his brow and smirked skeptically, “Is that so? Anything else, oh omnipotent one?”

Hermione laughed, “Yes, actually. You told him to come back. He will. I don’t know what will come of it, but this is what I think you should do…”

Draco chuckled to himself as the brunette animatedly explained her little plot. He wondered just how many Gryffindors would have made good Slytherins? So far, the count was up to three.


Additional Author's Notes
: I don't care if the actual House colors are scarlet and gold, in my head, a character like Charlie Weasley would much rather say 'red'. Heh. And what up with the Severus/Charlie sup-pairing? Hah! Like I'd let you know that just yet! I think I have ADD. XD!

Oh! And the "Absolution granted. Go with God. We're done." line? No, it is not mine. It was a blatant theivary from the film, "The Trip". Highly recommended, by the way!

The New Plan


Belive it or not, I actually like the Charlie/Sev sub-pairing. It's a nice light sub-plot to the anger and angst Harry, Draco and Patil are providing. It's prgressing well. I love the dynamics among the group. So fun and full of evil plotting. Always good. Thank you sooo much for updateing. you have made my day!!!!

thank you so much! i wanted to get a better view of the dynamic that i want all of the characters to have across, i'm glad that it appears to have worked! i'm chuffed you enjoyed it! <3<3<3<3
Okay well first of all - an update?? Bloody YAY!!! I actually squealed when I saw it on my flist! Hee!

And now - I must marvel at your brilliance, hence the quote-spam:

"Well, Sevvie, if the red and gold scarf fits…"

"Malfoy doesn't have a clue. That means he's officially a Gryffindor!"

Draco sighed and slowed his speech as though talking to a mentally challenged child, or Ron...

"For the love of bloody Merlin in taffeta, you stuttering imbecile! Come back when you have a firmer grasp on the English language!"
I seriously LOL'ed at that one!

Really, really great chapter hon. It was so worth the wait!!! *smooches* <3<3<3

hehehe! i'm so bloody chuffed that you liked it! you and your ability to make me blush all sorts of purple! oh, man! i adore you. thank you, love! <3<3<3<3
Great to see you updated, and I would love to see Charlie and Snape together.
i'm glad to have updated! and i concur. we shall have to wait and see how things progress. XD!
Excellent chapter! I love how the five of them are getting along so well and the scheming is divine! Poor Harry... I know it's for his own good but. *pats his head*
it is for his own good. poor bugger. heh. thank you so much!
*does happy dance*

I think I channelled your muse. I was hunting around for an update not three days ago, convinced I must have missed it, then ta-da! Here you are with a shiny H/D update! Ooooohhh, and the next one soon to come too? *prods*

I'm loving this series, and I look forward to the next update.
hah! maybe you did channel my muse! i don't know how soon the next update will be, but i can promise it won't be over a bloody month again. damn.

thank you so much!
charlie/snape!!!! loved it. the wooing of professor snape by a cheery charlie full of hexes, laughter and strife!

harry's chest monster is acting up...
hahaha. too bloody right you are. thank you so much!
Juat when I think I can't love you more, you give me Charlie. And then you give me "Snapie-poo." And THEN you give me Charlie/Severus.

I think I may have to give you my firstborn to make all things equal, but she's on my nerves today, so maybe not. I like you too much to inflict THAT on you.

Yes, focusing: I reallyreallyreally love this. Hermione being all Hermione. Ron having his moments of idiot, but still being a great friend. Draco *sigh* still wanting what's best for Harry...

Rambling again. What I mean to say...

I love how honest and three-dimensional ALL your characters are. They're all human and have their moments, but they're incredible - completely fleshed out. It's so wonderful to read, and it makes it so very worth the wait.

I still don't think I'm making sense, so: LOVE YOU, LOVE THIS.
how did i know you'd be a severus/charlie fan? heh!

i feel like rumplestiltskin!

you have made me go all purpley with the compliments! thank you so so so so much. i am so glad my rendition of the characters come across! seriously, one of the best compliments i have ever received.

i adore you! <3<3<3<3<3
oooooooooooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so happy an update!!!!!!
This plan is a killer!!!
Now all we need is for Harry to see Draco and his "lover" strolling outside somewhere and totally lose his cool.
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oh sigh. Charlie's the most ambiguous character ever, isn't he? You can put him with just about anyone and just about everyone will love you for it. He just doesn't have a set mate, does he?
How odd.
Anyways, I liked this. I like Hermione going Slytherin and Draco going Gryffindor. *nods* Good trade, that.
you know, i never truly realized that before, but you are totally right. charlie seems to go with any and all of the characters. the slut! hehe.

thank you so much!
These are awesome! I've been meaning to read the entire series forever, and finally got a chance - I'm so glad I did!

Please do something suitably horrible to Parvati - I never liked her anyway. :P
i am so glad you enjoyed it!

and i hope the plan i have for her will gratify everyone's apparent blood lust where she is concerned. (not to imply i plan on killing her, because i don't)

thank you so much!
Oh, death is too quick and easy...just big payback!

And yes, I really have enjoyed them; I love clueless!Harry. *g*
Woohoo! An update! <3

(And I was LMAO during the duel!)
i know! hehe!

glad it made you laugh! i was hoping that would be peoples' reactions! <3<3<3<3
and this is me blushing like mad! :">!! i'm so thoroughly chuffed that you enjoyed this!

thank you so much, love. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Awesome! I liked the charlie/snape angle, and the focus on other characters, especailly Draco's relationship with the Gryffindors.

Cant wait for the next chapter!
thank you so much! i'm glad you enjoyed it!
*claps and rolls around* Huzzah for Charlie! I love me some Snape lovins!
hehehe! me too! <3<3<3<3
“For the love of bloody Merlin in taffeta, you stuttering imbecile! Come back when you have a firmer grasp on the English language!”

I bloody love this line. You're a freaking genius.

I also love the Snape/Charlie pairing. Bizarre, but very lovable. ♥

You are praised, my dear, very praised. You have a pedestal next to the Almighty Gods. <3
wow! thank you so much for turning me into a muddle of purple goo! hehe. i am so glad you enjoyed it! and i'm also rather proud of that line, although, i'm thinking, in retrospect, pink taffeta would have been better. hah! <3<3<3
*whinez* When is that bitch gonna get her due?! I'm dying here!!
i know, i know! patience, love! she will get her due i promise!


Like the Severus/Charlie sub-pairing. :) More! I think the most recent Harry Potter movie added to me liking Severus more (he was much more hilarious than portrayed in the books)

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