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Title: The New Plan (23/24)
Author: Me. a.k.a. mugglerock
Warning(s): Something that resembles angst.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: H/D
Category: Domestidrabble with a touch of angst and silliness.
Disclaimer: Why, yes! I do happen to own Harry Potter. I also own Disneyland, the Marlboro cigarette company, Playboy, and Big Ben. *relents* Not mine, no money, no sue.
Spoilers: Inadvertant if applied.
Feedback: Please, Sir? May I have some more?

Summary: They are forced to change their "Help Harry" plan after a slight cock-up and the investigation of a Slytherin.

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Author's notes: Part 23 is UP! The final part will shortly follow!

It had been a couple of hours since Harry had made his appearance and Hermione had concocted yet another scheme. Draco had just gotten out of the shower when a knock came on the front door. He wrapped a towel around his waist and ran down the stairs to answer it. He smirked knowingly before opening the door.

Harry stood there, his mouth slightly agape at the blond’s mostly naked and wet form.

Draco crossed his arms over his chest and quirked a brow, “Can I help you?”

Harry shook his head, “I… I’m sorry. I…”

Draco chuckled, “Merlin, Harry. Are you certain you don’t have some sort of speech impediment?”

Harry smiled curiously, “You called me ‘Harry’.”

The Slytherin rolled his eyes, “Well, my anger has dissipated since your heartfelt apology earlier.”

“Really?” Harry’s eyes lit up with hope.

Draco smirked, “No, but you’d be surprised how getting laid tends to put one in a good mood.”

Harry winced. He was never very good at hiding his emotions. His jealousy was blatant and he just couldn’t stop himself. He knew he needed to act cool and nonchalant. He had been the one to break up with Draco, albeit unwillingly. Jealousy was something he was going to have to get over if he wanted to make things work with Parvati. Harry took a deep breath and smiled, “Most definitely. Ummm, would you mind if I came in?”

Draco opened the door wider to allow the Gryffindor entrance.

Harry walked into the living room and sat on the sofa.

“I’ll be back in a minute. I need to get dressed.”

Harry nodded and started fidgeting with the hem of his shirt as he waited. He let out an audible sigh and looked around. There were brand new curtains covering the windows. An elegant off-white color. The furniture had all been changed to match the blue and white colors that comprised the main sitting room. There was even a brand new dark stained wooden coffee table. Draco had been the main occupant of Grimmauld Place for a day and it already looked more posh than Harry had ever seen it. When he heard footsteps from the stairs, he turned his head to find a fully naked Charlie Weasley walking down them.

Charlie was playing with what appeared to be a muggle Rubik’s cube, leaving him entirely unaware of the younger man sitting on the sofa staring at him. When he got to the landing, he turned his head up and finally saw Harry, “Merlin! Fuck me, Harry! What are you doing here, mate?”

When Harry did nothing but stare at him in shock, Charlie looked down and realized what had made the boy speechless. Charlie flushed slightly and lowered his hands, strategically holding the Rubik’s cube, in an effort to cover himself, “Ah, sorry about that.”

Harry stood, his eyes narrowed suspiciously, “What are you doing here?”

Charlie laughed, “Are we playing parrot now? I think I asked that first.”

Harry scoffed, “I came here to see Draco. Your turn.”

“Well, I came here to, uh, see Draco as well.” He winked at Harry and walked towards the kitchen, “I’m going to have a cup of tea and summon a pair of trousers, would you like anything?”

“So, you two are fucking, then?”

Charlie stopped dead in his tracks, “I’m sorry?”

Harry crossed his arms against his chest, “You and Draco are fucking, right?”

For the first time in Harry’s life, he saw Charlie Weasley act nervous.

“Umm, well, I’m not sure if that’s really any of your business, Harry.”

Harry scoffed, “Of course it isn’t. Why would it be?! He’s only one of my best friends!”

Charlie returned the scoff and replied sarcastically, “Oh, I’m sorry. Obviously, giving him a day to move out after breaking up with him was just an act of friendship!”

Harry narrowed his eyes in anger, “Fuck off, Weasley. What the hell do you know?!”

Charlie smiled devilishly, “I know what makes him moan. I know exactly where to lick to make him cry and beg and plead for more. I know how glorious his lips look when stretched over my cock. I know…”

“Shut the fuck up! I don’t need anymore bloody details. You waited, what? A whole five minutes after we had broken up before fucking him? What kind of bloody friend are you?!”

“A damn sight better than a sexually confused, insecure, selfish bastard of a wizard who needs to be loved so badly, he’ll marry the first tart he knocks up!” Charlie gasped at his own words and covered his mouth, instantly regretting the evil appendage known as his tongue. He had hit way below the belt and could have done irreparable damage to their plan, not to mention his and Harry’s friendship.

Harry’s face flushed an angry scarlet, his eyes unable to hide the sheer anger and absolute hurt coursing through him. A stray, damnable tear rolled down his face, “Fuck you, Charlie. Fuck you.”

Harry walked towards the door just as Draco descended the stairs. “Harry, where are you going?” He called out, entirely confused as the Gryffindor ignored his call and slammed the door to accentuate his having left the house.

Draco turned to Charlie, “What the hell happened?”

Charlie sighed, “Hermione’s going to fucking KILL me.”


“YOU SAID WHAT?!” Hermione all but screeched at Charlie.

The redhead looked down in shame, “I’m sorry, Hermione. I don’t know what came over me. I mean, I didn’t say anything we weren’t already thinking!”

Hermione placed her hands on her hips and scowled, “I’ll have you know, I never thought Harry’s choosing Parvati had ANYTHING to do with his need to be loved! I think she has tricked him! And really, what more proof do you need outside of that conversation I overheard?!”

Charlie rubbed his temples, “Look! I said I was sorry! I’m not saying I don’t believe it was a trick on her part, I know that she’s a manipulative cow, but what if we’re wrong? What if he really did want to choose her, at the end of the day?”

Hermione let out an exasperated sigh, “Don’t you think I wonder about that all of the damn time? But, we should at least let him know that he has a choice! And how on earth is he going to realize what he’s missing if he will probably refuse to see Draco, because of you, now?!”

“Why do we even have to play this game? Why can’t we just tell him what we found out and let him decide for himself that way?”

Before Hermione could argue her point, Draco spoke up, “I’m sorry, Granger, but I have to agree with Charlie. I don’t think what we’re doing is right. We shouldn’t manipulate him. We should just do what Parvati hasn’t and tell him the truth.”

“You really are a bloody Gryffindor now, Malfoy,” Ron added half-jokingly.

Draco made a rude hand gesture at the redhead.

“I’m just worried about what this pathetic, sham of a marriage is going to do to Harry and especially his child! He’s been through enough already!” Hermione’s voice sounded as though she were on the verge of shattering.

Ron approached the slightly shaking witch and gently took her hand in his, “All the more reason that we should do this the honest way, Mione…”

Hermione sighed and gripped her boyfriend’s hand tightly.

A knock came at the front door of Grimmauld Place and the four of them exchanged nervous glances.

Charlie looked the most anxious, “He wouldn’t come back so quickly, would he?”

Hermione and Ron shared an unsure shrug.

Draco sighed and went to answer the door. He almost burst out laughing when he found Severus on the other side. Draco nodded to his former professor, “Severus, come in.”

The three others let out a collective sigh of relief.

Severus made eye contact with Charlie and quirked his brow, “I hear you made quite the mess of things, Mr. Weasley?”

Charlie rolled his eyes, “Piss off, Sevvie.”

“Well, as much as I would like to exchange infantile banter with you, I actually found out some interesting facts while you four were playing cat and mouse with Potter’s emotions…”

Hermione scrunched her forehead in confusion, “What do you mean, Professor?”

“Well, while you four were playing Gryffindors in your attempt to help Potter, I took a slightly different, more Slytherin route.” The older wizard reached into his robes and pulled out a couple pieces of paper and some photographs, handing them to Hermione.

Her eyebrows shot up in shock as she read over the papers, “Is this?”

Severus nodded, “Yes. That is a magically binding contract that clearly states the lewd photographs you are also holding, Miss Granger, will not be released to the press if Harry Potter follows through with a magical bonding ceremony to Parvati Patil and if the contract is broken by his own infidelity or refusal to enter into the marriage, the magical components of his signature on these forms are connected to a trigger that will send off all of the photographs to various magazine publishers.”

The three boys were instantly at Hermione’s side looking at the pictures and contracts.

Draco stared in shock at the graphic moving photograph of himself and Harry in a very un-heterosexual position, “You were bloody right in more ways than one, Granger.”

Hermione just stood there, re-reading the contracts.

Charlie stood behind her, doing the same over her shoulder.

Ron was flipping through all of the pictures, “Blimey! Is that position even POSSIBLE? Did you lot know Harry was that flexible?”

Draco smacked Ron upside the head.

Before the redhead could start whining, Draco turned to the older Slytherin, “How did you find this out, Severus?”

“Let’s just say it pays to have friends in low places. But, I would definitely say this will impact your little plan, Granger. From the looks of these contracts, Potter is well aware of what his fiancé is truly like. The question we all have to ask ourselves is WHY did the boy agree to this?”

“Well, Harry probably didn’t want the bad press, these sexual pictures all over the papers, I mean, who would want that?” Ron offered.

Severus smirked, “No one, I’m sure, Mr. Weasley, but you must recall the fact that Potter isn’t bothered by the bad or good press that surrounds him? Much worse has been printed about the Boy Who Lived; there just had never been pictorial proof, until now. And after those very risqué shots in Witch Weekly for charity, can you honestly assume he’s trying to protect his own modesty?”

Ron looked bemused, “So, what are you saying?”

Draco looked stunned as he answered, “He’s saying that Harry’s protecting me. Well, not just me, but the others in these pictures as well.”

Severus chuckled, “Excellent, 20 points to Slytherin. Or is it to Gryffindor, now?”

Draco made a rude hand gesture at his former professor and moved to sit down on the sofa. “What a bloody, ‘Harry’ thing to do,” Draco turned to look up at the four other individuals, staring at him with concern, “So? What do we do? He’s signed the contracts, are there any loop holes, or has Harry finally gotten the chance to fuck himself?”

Hermione shook her head morosely, “I’ve read this thing at least half a dozen times now and couldn’t find any loop holes. She really did her bloody homework. There’s no way around or out of these contracts without Harry breaking it.”

They all stayed where they were, completely silent, no one knowing what to do or say.

After a couple of minutes, Ron put the pictures on the coffee table and gasped, a smile overtaking his features, irrefutable proof he just had a brilliant idea, “Well, why don’t we just ask all of the people in these pictures if they would have a problem with these photos being published? I mean, if they don’t, and we let Harry know, he could break the contracts, right?”

The four others stared at the young redhead as if he’d just grown another idiotic head.

He sighed, “Another stupid idea?”

Severus shocked everyone in the room as he let out a laugh. “No, Mr. Weasley. Quite the contrary. That idea is so simple, it would probably work.”

Hermione smiled, “Right! So, the new plan is to find the names of these girls and get their consent?”

Charlie chuckled, “Sounds like a plan to me,” He turned to Draco, “Mr. Malfoy, would you have a problem with a lewd picture of you and Harry Potter possibly being published in certain wizarding magazines?”

Draco sat silent for a few moments, contemplating the decision. He had no qualms about it in the slightest, but he enjoyed making the other three Gryffindors worry their lips. The blond smirked, “Let’s take this manipulative cunt down…”

They all shared a laugh and got to work.



The End.


Woohoo, updates! I'd say more about how great this was but I really want to get to the next one, so... I'm off. :)
Yay for resolving things~ <3
Woot woot! Onto the last one!!!

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