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Title: Who Really Wants Forever?
Author: Me. a.k.a. mugglerock
Fandom: Blades of Glory
Warning(s): ANGST and possible OOCness.
Rating: PG-13 to light R for language.
Pairing: Chazz/Jimmy, if you tilt your head to the side.
Category: ANGST, Song-fic, POV (Chazz)
Disclaimer: I'd be doing a heck of a lot more than writing about them if I owned them.
Feedback: Please, Sir? May I have some more?

Summary: A series of revealing vignettes. There's a lot more to Chazz Michael Michaels than meets the eye.

Author's Notes: Okay, first, this is a song-fic that spiraled out of control. I thought the song "Sad Eyes" by Robert John would make for a very good angst fic. But, as usual, I had to attack it from a different angle and it just went from there.

Second, when I write POV, I tend to be extremely verbose, not to mention pretentious. Chazz is neither of these things, so I did my best to keep it as IC as possible, but I'm pretty sure I failed.

Third, I know the majority of the fandom is more interested in Jimmy's past, but, I have to be honest, Chazz intrigues me on a deeper level. And because I have a predilection for the dramatic, this is my own rendition of the backstory that never was.

Jimmy MacElroy was my partner. With our triple axels, mirror skating, impossible dance lifts, and iron lotuses, we could conquer the world. And we did. We took on everyone. The bitchy officials at the god damned Skating Federation. The Pairs teams with years of practice under their belt. The supposed limits of reality. We took on the fucking world and we won.

I told Jimmy at the start of it all, “It won’t be forever, princess. When this is over, four years will be plenty of time to find new partners. New, CHICK, partners.”

He scoffed in that snooty, rich little daddy’s boy, way of his, “Trust me, I don’t like this any more than you do, Michaels…”

I laughed, “Then why did you agree to this in the first place, MacElroy?”

He had no answer, so he turned it back on me, “Why did you?”

“Because, not only am I figure skating, figure skating is me.”

“What does that even mean?”

“I bet you’d like to know…”


It took a while at first, but after the first time we nailed the Fire and Ice routine in practice, I started developing a fondness for Jimmy. He was still a prissy little shit, but it started to fucking grow on me. But I’d be damned if I ever let him know that.

“Chazz!” Jimmy half yelled and half whined, as he angrily lingered on the “Z’s” in my name.

I barely turned my head; I was damn comfortable lying on my bunk flipping through that Penthouse, “Yes, your highness?”

Jimmy was wearing a blue (well, according to coach it was eggshell blue, but I didn’t see the point of extending the name of a color that was fucking blue to begin with) towel around his waist and another pink one around his head. He put his hands on his hips, it reminded me of my foster mother; I just couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?!”

I shook my head, “Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours. I believe you whined my name?”

He huffed, “Yes, I did! I found another hairball in the drain! Do you have any idea how disgusting that is? Don’t you have ANY consideration for people other than yourself?”

“Of course I do, why do you think I left it there?”

“Because you’re a lazy slob?”

I smiled as I moved to swing my legs over the ladder to my bunk, “Close, but no cigar. No, I saw a spider go down the drain, so I left my hair there to suffocate it. I did that for you, MacElroy.”

He looked confused and made the ‘what the fuck?’ face, “What?”

“I did it for you. I know how freaked out you are by spiders, man. I did it so the little fucker wouldn’t come out of the drain and scare you so badly you accidentally drown yourself or something.”

“You are so full of it, Michaels.”

I came down the ladder and approached him, “Dude, why must you always assume the worst of me? Why can’t you just accept that what I did was for you? I’m not so fucking childish that I would purposely try to piss you off all the time. Aren’t we getting a little old for this kind of bullshit? We’re partners, whether we like it or not, MacElroy. Don’t you think it’s time we started acting like it?”

He looked genuinely sorry, “Chazz, I… Look, I didn’t know you felt like that. I’m… I’m sorry for mistrusting you.”

I laughed and clapped him on the back, “I’m just fuckin’ with you, man! You think you’re disgusted by my hairballs? Shit, man, I’m even more disgusted by them. I just didn’t want to touch the nasty thing.”

As I left our room, all I could hear was Jimmy yelling in tongues, which I later found out was actually Japanese. I smiled.


The first time Jimmy ever drank alcohol was in the Crest Kiss and Cry box in Denver after we found out we were going to Montreal. A knockout in red brought us a bottle of champagne. I told her she was astoundingly beautiful and thanked her kindly by smacking her on the ass. I took a swig because, hey, free booze is free booze, and handed the bottle to Jimmy. He looked at it as though the thing was about to bite him.

“Take a drink, MacElroy. You fuckin’ earned it.”

His face turned a slight pink color when he whispered, “I’ve never drank before.”

I sighed, “It’s easy, you pour the liquid in your mouth, tilt your head back, and let it slide down your throat.”

“You know what I mean, jackass!”

I laughed, “Pretend it’s a Capri-Sun or, what else do little girls like? Some god awful combination of fruits that don’t belong in a bottle, I’m sure.”

He scowled, but instead of a comeback, he took a swig. I laughed even harder when he shook his head afterwards, half moaning and half chuckling.

“It tastes strange! Is it supposed to burn like that?”

I smirked, “If you are a 15 year old girl, yes.”

He narrowed his eyes and sighed, “God, you are such an ass!”

I winked, “That’s why you love me.”

Jimmy scoffed. But he didn’t deny it either. I was probably reading too much into that moment, but it still fucked with me none-the-less. I grabbed the bottle from him and drained it.

“Hey! I wanted to have some more!” He cried as he pouted like an eight year old.

Our time in the Kiss and Cry was up and as Jimmy headed towards Coach, I grabbed another bottle of champagne from the ice basin the knockout in red had temporarily abandoned. I caught up to Jimmy, slung my arm around his shoulder, and handed him the new bottle.

He looked at me curiously.

I shrugged, “One for me, one for you.”


Jimmy and I had gotten to the point where we were sharing more than a room, but it was still damn hard for me to open up. I don’t like real emotions. They cause way too much fucking grief. Well, the ones caused by anything other than sexual pleasure. Anything that pulled us back to reality, I tried shrug off.

When he asked me about my wolf tattoo, I told him it was nothing and changed the subject. He never brought it up again, but the damn kid kept noticing things I wasn’t ready to discuss with anyone.

It was one of the few days where Jesse and Coach had left to spend some ‘quality time’ with each other. Whatever the fuck that meant. I loved those days. Those were the days we were allowed to do whatever we wanted without the perpetual parent figure standing over us with a scolding finger. Shit, man, I felt more like a child living with Coach than when I was an actual child.

I would usually opt for some Chazz time in front of the tube with a bowl of ice cream, a couple of beers, and some Slim-Jims. I don’t really know what Jimmy would do, but he usually ended up next to me on the couch at some point, watching whatever depraved reality show was on.

One particular night, we had been sitting there quietly for at least an hour, when he interrupted my zombie like state with a fucking timid, “Chazz?”

I turned my head to look at him, “Jimmy?”

“Where do you go on Thursdays?”

My brain wasn’t processing thought at first, I shook my head and asked, “What?”

Jimmy shifted to sit Indian style on the couch, fully facing me, “On Thursdays? From twelve to six? You’re always gone. Coach said that you said it was personal, but mandatory.”

“You got a fucking problem with me having personal time, princess?” I snarled. I didn’t mean to, but he was heading for, well, thin ice.

He looked taken aback and on the verge of fucking tears. I instantly felt guilty.

“I… Of course I don’t, Chazz. I was only curious. I… I’m sorry.” Those baby blues glistened as he bit on his lower lip, obviously trying to keep his emotions in check.

I sighed, “Look, kid, I’m sorry, too. But, like I told Coach, it’s personal and mandatory, that’s all you need to know, you got me?”

He nodded and moved to get up from the couch.

“Where are you going, Jimmy?”

He looked really fucking sad when he whispered, “Bed.”

As he headed towards the door, I realized I was going to do something I had never done. Tell someone about the part of my past that was kept under wraps so fucking well, I’m pretty sure the CIA had a hand in it.


He stopped and looked at me, “Chazz?”

I patted the cushion next to me, “Come here.”

He looked hesitant, but walked back and sat down anyway. I swear, sometimes, it’s like taking advantage of him. No matter what, no matter how much he was against it, if you asked or told Jimmy MacElroy to do something, he damn well would. Poor kid.

He sat there, staring at me with a curious expression on his beautifully innocent face.

I sighed, “Did you know I was married?”

Jimmy was genuinely shocked, “You’re married?”

Was, kid. I was married.”

“Are… Are you divorced?”

I chuckled in that sad, ‘I’m about to tell you something fucked up,’ kind of way. “Close, but no cigar. More like, widowered.”

“Oh, Chazz. I… I’m sorry.”

I shrugged his sympathy off, “No, kid, don’t…”

He nodded in understanding. “Umm, how come, well… How come, I mean, I’ve never heard that about you…”

“No one knows, man. Charles and Michael? Those are my two middle names. My real mother was a whack job with a tendency to give as many middle names as humanly possible to her offspring. So, there’s no real history that can be found on Chazz Michaels. And who the hell knows who Melvin Wendell is?”

Jimmy knew this was a serious conversation, but the poor kid couldn’t help but make a face at my real name. It was obvious he was trying damn hard not to laugh.

I smiled, “Go ahead and laugh, Jimmy. Why do you think I changed my name?”

He giggled, “I’m sorry, you just don’t seem like a Melvin!”

“Yeh, I don’t feel like one, either.”

He nodded.

Those damnable baby blues looked at me expectantly. They begged the question he was dying to ask, but too scared to actually do so.

“It was right around the time I first started to get into competitive figure skating. Shit, that was, at least twelve years ago now. It was bad, too. I was as much a sex addict then, as I am now. I wasn’t a very good husband to her, but she was so damn understanding about it. Well, I might have been a crappy husband, but there was no way in hell that I was a bad father.”

Jimmy’s eyebrows shot up in shock, “What?”

“We had a kid. A fucking gorgeous little girl. Sophie. The first person that ever loved me unconditionally, man. Anyway, after I had won my first competition and received the endorsement money, I took the both of them to Italy. I actually bought the Verticoli for Sophie.”

Jimmy’s face was probably going to appear shocked for the rest of the evening.

I let out a half laugh, half sob sound as I kept telling him my story, “She had beautiful black hair, man. I mean, fucking beautiful. And that angel deserved only the best brush in the whole world. That’s the real reason I don’t let anybody touch that brush. Anyway, It… Everything kind of fell apart one fucked up night.”

He grasped my left hand and squeezed it gently.

I took a deep breath and tried to pretend his attempt at comfort was unwelcome. “Our car had broken down on a little curved road just a couple miles away from our hotel. We all got out; I opened the hood, and Kathy stood off to the side holding Sophie. It happened so fucking fast, man. I heard a car coming, I looked out and before I could warn her, or anything, it was like a fucking nightmare!” I slammed my free fist on the coffee table.

Jimmy jumped slightly, but kept his grip on my left hand.

I shook my head and bit my lip to hold the fucking tears back, “The driver must have lost control, and just, crashed into my car, taking my two girls with it. It fucking threw me back and knocked me unconscious. When I came to, I was in a hospital. It was all a blur. The doctors speaking fast and in a language I couldn’t understand. I was told by a fucking interpreter that my wife and the other driver were dead. That my three-year-old daughter was in critical condition. A fucking interpreter, man. My mind had never been so bottled, you know?”

Jimmy looked as though he wanted to cry. I knew how he fucking felt.

“Did? Is Sophie?” He couldn’t even finish the question as a tear slid down his cheek.

I took another deep breath, “She’s been in a coma since then. We were in Italy until it was safe to transport her to America. After that, she’s been in one of the best hospitals in the country, and that’s about an hour away from here. Thankfully, there’s still a lot of brain activity, so, I don’t know, there’s some kind of fucking hope there.” I sighed, “So, that’s the big secret, every Thursday, unless there’s a competition, I’m there, for four hours, spending time with my daughter.”

Jimmy sat there, still holding my hand, stock still from shock probably.

I forced a smile and stuttered like an idiot in my attempt to not fucking cry, “Don’t… Don’t tell anyone, though… I’ve… I’ve got a rep… Reputation to protect, you know?”

He let out a soft sob and pulled me to him, giving me a slightly awkward, but totally heartfelt hug. When he pulled away, he kissed me on my cheek.

I’ll admit it; I was fucking confused, “What was that for?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry you felt you had to tell me that. I’m glad you did, but I’m so sorry, Chazz.”

I shook my head, “No apologies, kid. Besides, we’re partners. You deserved to know.”

He smiled, “Thank you.”

I squeezed back on the grip he still had on my hand. After a couple of minutes of comfortable silence, I managed to get control over my voice again, “Don’t be fooled, MacElroy. Don’t think this blubbering bitch is the ‘real’ me or any of that bullshit. I’m still ‘the Chazz’. I’m still the sex addicted, beer drinking, all American figure skater. I’m still a fucking jackass.”

Jimmy nodded, “I know.”

I don’t think he really did. But I wasn’t about to argue with him.


I was fucking terrified my little confession would have ruined our dynamic. You wouldn’t believe how relieved I was that it was just the opposite. If anything, his new understanding of me took us to this new, mind-bottling level of intimacy. We skated so fucking well!

Jimmy knew not to bring up my past. It wasn’t like some sort of ‘middle school, kiss behind the bleachers, don’t tell anyone, we won’t let this get uncomfortable between us, then it totally fucking does’ kind of situation. We knew what we knew. No elaboration was needed.

He continued to harass me, pushing me to give as good as I got. He kept me on my toes, kept my mind focused on the task at hand, which was winning the fucking gold again. Jimmy fucking MacElroy. Who would have thought I couldn’t have asked for a better partner?


I don’t remember what time it was, what day, whether there were birds chirping in the fucking background or any of that shit, but I do know the exact fucking moment I fell in love with my skating partner.

After we won the World Wintersport Games, I was sitting on Coach’s couch, my broken ankle healing with the aid of daytime television and a LOT of Vicodin. On and off, Jimmy would disappear for hours at a time. I assumed it was practice, or, you know, Katie. Anyway, one afternoon, Jimmy had been gone for, I guess a couple of hours. I couldn’t really tell, I mean, I barely knew my name at that point.

Jimmy came into the living room carrying a fucking scary stuffed bear with white eyes. Why would you make a kid’s toy look so demonic? He offered it to me.

I shook my head, “That fucking bear is evil.”

He laughed, “Fine. Well, do you want my other present, or will that frighten you as well?”

“Depends. If it’s another evil teddy bear, then you can just go ahead and add it to your collection, princess. If it’s, say, five foot six, blonde, blue eyed, has a killer rack, and a hot ass? Then, you can go ahead and leave the room right now.”

Jimmy chuckled and revealed a dark blue fabric bag from behind his back, handing it to me.

I smiled at him, “What is it?”

“Open it.”

I obeyed. I don’t know if the gasp was out loud or not, but I heard it, none-the-less. That bag held my daughter’s Verticoli. I was at a loss for fucking words, but I had somehow managed an awestruck, “How?”

“I called in a couple of favors and a team of us checked the lake for it. It only took about 20 hours before we lucked out! I thought it would take longer…” He gasped as I grabbed the end of his shirt and pulled him down to me.

I hugged Jimmy so tight; I’m surprised I didn’t break the boy’s ribs. The tears wouldn’t fucking stop, and I just kept thanking him and kissing his cheek.

He whispered, “No thanks necessary, Chazz. What else would you use to brush your daughter’s hair with?”

And it was at that moment I fell in love with Jimmy MacElroy.


When I say I fell in love with my figure skating partner, you have to understand my perception and meaning of the phrase. For most people, it’s all slightly based on some kind of physical attraction. You have to find the person sexually pleasing to make it work.

Don’t get me wrong, Jimmy MacElroy was fucking gorgeous and I was very much attracted to him. But, a breeze coming from the right direction could give me a boner. For a sex addict, the connection has to be something stronger than the magnetic pull of two libidos. It has to be so much more.

My love for the blond priss stemmed from something deep and spiritual. Something raw and fucking real. He easily conquered the organ that I truly had no control over. My heart.

But like any good story, there has to be conflict. It was never something I would pursue. What we had was fucking beautiful, why would I want to ruin any of it? For what? Some sexual gratification now in exchange for some heart break later? I wasn’t about to attempt to do that to him. He had Katie. He had his innocence. He didn’t need the bullshit that I came with. What the fuck was a happy ending anyway?


My ankle had been healed for a couple of months and the doctor had finally given the okay for me to go back on the ice. I had to be careful, slowly break myself back in to the routine of practice, take it easy, blah blah blah.

Jimmy was skipping around with excitement, like some sort of cracked out hummingbird, as he started packing his duffel bag for our trip to the rink.

“Calm down, princess!”

He scowled at the nickname, then giggled, “I’m sorry, Chazz, I’m just so happy you’re officially back on your feet! Aren’t you happy?”

I smiled, “Of course I am...” And before I could finish the thought, my cell phone rang. I left our room to answer it in the living room.


“Hello, may I please speak to Mr. Wendell?”

Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk. I could barely breathe, “Yes?”

“I have some splendid news for you, Sir.”

My heart was beating so hard and fast, I could barely hear him. My world was spinning, in that amazing, fuck with your head in the most righteous way possible. I kept nodding, even though the doctor had no way of knowing my physical response to his news.

Jimmy walked into the room with his bag just as I cried,

“Thank you so much! I’ll be there in about an hour!”

His smile was curious, “What’s up?”

I was surprised I was able to stay as calm as I did. I smiled and just pulled him in for a hug.

When we broke apart, he laughed, “Are you alright and where are you going to be in an hour? I thought we were heading to the rink?”

“Never been better. I can’t go to the rink with you right now, Jimmy, but… Well… How would you feel about meeting Sophie?”

His mouth dropped in shock, “Oh my God! Did she?”

I smiled, “She fucking woke up, Jimmy!”

He jumped back into my arms as we shared a spastic dance-hug thing.


After the doctors and I had gotten Sophie used to my presence and a vaguely better understanding of who I was, forms were filled out, and I was given the run down on her different conditions. How much more time she would need to actually spend in the hospital before she would be released, the rehabilitation programs for her to join, yada yada yada. The usual doctor type spiels.

I thanked them and went back to her room. Jimmy had brought her one of his stuffed animals and she had taken an instant liking to him. I let them talk for about half an hour before I nodded to Jimmy and kissed Sophie goodbye, with half a dozen promises that I would be back later.


The drive back was deathly quiet. When we got closer to Coach’s house, I took a different turn.

Jimmy turned to look at me, “Chazz?”

I smiled, “Just trust me, Jimmy.”

He returned the smile, “I do.”

I drove down this little back road until I found the frozen lake. I pulled over and popped the trunk. Jimmy dug through his duffel bag for his skates in the back seat. I pulled my skates and a mini-radio from the trunk. I turned it on, some random station that was advertising some sort of miracle weight loss drug. After twisting the dial a couple of times, it landed on a soft rock type of station and Jimmy asked me to keep it there.

We headed out on the lake together, just skating. No tricks, no dips, no jumps, lifts, twirls, any of that shit. It was just Chazz and Jimmy, skating on a lake. A familiar song came on and I laughed at how fucking perfect it was.

Jimmy smiled at me questioningly.

I nodded and motioned for him to just listen.

“Looks like it's over, you knew I couldn't stay
She's comin' home today
We had a good thing, I'll miss your sweet love
Why must you look at me that way
It's over…”

Those baby blues looked to me, glistening with the beginning of tears, “Is this the Chazz Michael Michaels way of saying goodbye, then?”

I skated toward him and took his hands in mine. “Well, I did tell you at the start of all of this that it wouldn’t be forever.”

Jimmy nodded sadly as we continued to skate around, holding each other’s hands.

“Sad eyes, turn the other way
I don't wanna see you cry
Sad eyes, you knew there'd come a day
When we would have to say 'goodbye'”

“So what will you be doing, Chazz?”

I sighed, “The first thing I’m going to do is find a place closer to the hospital. I don’t know, a real job maybe?”

He didn’t even attempt to hide his tears, “Why can’t you skate and take care of Sophie?”

“Dude. You know how much free time we get. Be realistic, Jimmy. The only reason I kept doing it after the accident was I needed the escape. A way to avoid reality. Besides, the money was fucking good. Figure skating got my full attention for the better part of twelve years, man. It’s her turn now.”

“Try to remember the magic that we shared
In time your broken heart will mend
I never used you, you knew I really cared
I hate to see it have to end
But it's over”

We continued to skate, our hands intertwined, “It might have been short, but we had a fucking great run, MacElroy.” I spun him gently and dipped him back.

Jimmy chuckled, “Yes we did.”

”Sad eyes, turn the other way
I don't wanna see you cry
Sad eyes, you knew there'd come a day
When we would have to say 'goodbye'…”

As the song wound down, we stood across from each other, hands still locked, as well as our eyes.

I laughed, “Remember, kid. Alone, we were the best. But together? Together we were so much fucking more than that.”

Jimmy chuckled sadly, “What does that even mean?”

I smiled, “Whatever you want it to mean, Jimmy.”

He nodded in understanding, “I… Well… Chazz…” His little bit of control over his emotions was starting to crumble. “I… You know…”

I squeezed his hand, “I know, kid. I know. I fucking love you, too.”

He choked back a sob.

“Kiss me, Jimmy.”

He shook his head in confusion, “What?”

“Just do it.”

And as usual, Jimmy MacElroy did as he was told.

With a soft sigh, I kissed my partner, my brother, my best friend, my fucking soul mate, goodbye. There was no room in my life for the world of figure skating anymore. Which is what Jimmy was. And there was no room in his life for a has-been with a daughter and a hell of a lot of missed time to catch up on. We ended where we began. Out on the fucking ice.

Like I said, you don’t always get the perfect, made for movies, happy ending. Sometimes it’s realistic. Sometimes it’s a bitch. But no matter what? It’s fucking yours to make of it what you can. Who really wants forever, anyway?

The End.


That was just beautiful...but..but..*sob* they need a reunion!!!
thank you so much!

well, unless i feel the urge to write a sequel (and i'm too much of an angst lover), it will probably end on this note.

First of all: And because I have a predilection for the dramatic...

you and me both. Second, I loved this! I'm a huge fan of the whole 'backstories-for-characters' so this was extra special. Great job.

thank you so much!
Wow. Just wow. That was damn amazing. I for one, was so waiting for a dramatic Chazz backstory. I loved this. It was so sad at times, like especially the ending, but it was perfect. This is now like, my favorite stroy on this site. So good, I've gotta go read it again now.
I am so chuffed that I didn't disappoint! You made me go all red and blushy! Thank you so much!
*sobs* So sad!
*snuggles you* I'm sorry!
well, according to coach it was eggshell blue, but I didn’t see the point of extending the name of a color that was fucking blue to begin with

Shit, man, I felt more like a child living with Coach than when I was an actual child

No matter what, no matter how much he was against it, if you asked or told Jimmy MacElroy to do something, he damn well would.

Okay, so, I started copying all the lines that I thought were really Chazz, to tell you that his characterization was good. Then I actually got into the story.

I'm not so sure how I feel about this. It's a great story; Not much in the movie is given about Chazz's past, as in the time between when he was a kid in jail and started skating to where he was when the movie began. It's a really great backstory, and I'm pretty sure that Chazz and Jimmy's relationship would be bumpy like this.

I'm not sure if this was what you were going for, but reading between the lines I could almost see a bit of regret in Chazz's POV. Like he was torn- Wishing for his daughter to be awake, but also not so he could spend more time with his daughter.

Agreed- Chazz's backstory always interested me more then Jimmy's.

I don't even know where I'm going with this comment. I did really like it!
Okay. I totally meant to write "Wishing for his daughter to be awake, but also not so he could spend more time with Jimmy"
I'm glad that it did come off very Chazz like, then!

To be honest? I really don't know where I was going with this. The last scene was something that popped into my head while listening to the song, and I realized back story was needed, and it just sort of morphed from there. You are right, Chazz was slightly torn between the two because he knew if the day came, he would have to make a choice, and it isn't even a choice, really. You know?

I know I wanted dramatic, but somewhat realistic, at least, realistic in the same vein as the film itself. This pairing also has a lot of angst potential, and I wanted to tap into that.

I actually have a couple of ideas for Chazz's background stories. And definitely more realistic than this particular fic.

Dude, I'm retarded. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it!
YOU'RE NOT RETARDED. At least you wrote something. I've barely started that Chazz/Stranz I've been threatening to write SINCE I SAW THE MOVIE.

yeh, you really do need to write that fic already. I know you have the whole RL, college student thing, but come on!

I will get on that, just because you told me too.

IT'S FROM WHEN JON HOSTED SNL. I downloaded that shit tonight and he and Amy Poehler are HOT and I am mad that they had one tiny scene together. Even if it was hot 'cause she stage!hair dragged him.

I totally don't remember that scene. I'm drawing a blank, man.

It was from the beginning where that Napoleon double stood up and danced with him.

Oh, okay. I still don't remember, but, I'll take your word for it.


(heck i think that anyway)




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Okay, I think you should upload the show, if only for me. XD!
If you go to Jonheder.org and click on Multimedia, it's listed as Jon Heder Hosts SNL. You have Windows, yes? Just download both version, right click and tell it to extract where ever you want. You have Winrar, yes?
What the heck is Winrar? Is that some sort of new variation on Winamp?
Nah. See, some files are just too huge to upload realistically. People take Winrar, cut them in half or sometimes quarters and upload those pieces. If you have winrar, you can then piece the files together by right-clicking the first piece and telling it where to extract the files to. It pieces them together on it's own.
I'm just going to pretend I knew what you were talking about.
:O *wibble*
oh my god. just as I finished commenting queen's who wants to live forever came on my itunes.

*falls into wibbling mass of tears*

this totally needs a jimmy pov reunion *wibble*
dude, hands down, my second favorite Queen song EVOR.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! I'm sorry it turned you into a wibbling puddle of tears.

I was debating on a Jimmy POV in return, but I'd just end up making this even angstier, if you can fathom that! Heh, no, I probably won't elaborate on this particular story.
OMG mine TOO!

and it's fine, it happens quite a lot actually :D
Oh, that's just...*sobs*...the most beautifully painful thing I've read in a long time! My favorite sort of story is bittersweet, and this is just perfect! I have no words, my heart hurts too much- you are a goddess for having this story inside of you.
Okay, THAT coming from YOU, is the best sort of validation. You should know how much I adore your work by now. Thank you so very much. Really, words cannot express how touched I am by this comment. I am chuffed you enjoyed this.
I enjoy your writing very much- and I'm happy you like my work! Your comments make me equally happy, as well. I am finishing a chapter tonight, sorry it's been so delayed as of late!
No words. ♥♥
Thanks, love.

Very sweet story. Beautiful. Nice way to explore Chazz's past and show his relationship to Jimmy. I thought it was well put together.
Thank you very much!
*Sob* That totally made my day, I've been waiting for a Chazz backstory like this.

*Bangs something* I want Jimmy POV! I want Jimmy POV!
Thank you so much!

I know, man, every one wants Jimmy's POV. I'm not making any promises, because, I wanted to leave this story here and on this angst ridden note. But, we'll see.


Wow, this was wicked good! I happen to have a secret love of angst and you really delivered with this!

Don't completely count out a sequel though...especially a Jimmy POV one. I can think of a million different angsty possibilites with that. ;) And I'd read any one of them!

And Sophie! I want to know more about Sophie! :D

sorry, that was me!
Dude, so do I. Hence why I wrote this, I guess. Heh.

I can think of a million different angst-ridden possibilities as well, but I wanted to leave the story here. We will see though, maybe one day I'll hear a song and get inspired to write a retaliation in Jimmy's POV.

Hmmm, I want to know more about Sophie, myself. Huh.

Dangit, stop making me contemplate these things!
Nice to see we're not the only ones in the fandom! But then I like character death fics a lot too and I'm pretty sure that's sacrilege here. :-X

Well, I hope you keep getting inspired! Not necessarily for a sequel, but you're a good writer and I want to see more of your stuff!

You're the writer! Just create your own little character sheet for her and see what she tells you. ;)

oh my god I cried (seriously) reading this
it's soo sooo sad but soo soo good
I'm sorry you cried! Thank you so much for reading!
I really really liked this. And the first part was DEAD ON IC. (And the rest was so good that it didn't matter.)

I agree with the "write more Sophie" faction, in case you're taking a poll.
Hehe, I'm glad at least part of it was IC. Heh. I might write more about Sophie, but we have to see, man.

*snuggles you*
Gosh thats the saddest, prettiest thing ever in life.
Thank you so much!

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