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Title: The Course of Denial (part two)
Author: Me. a.k.a. mugglerock
Fandom: High School Musical
Warning(s): Corn. Major corn.
Rating: PG-13 mostly for naughty language and boykissing.
Pairing: Chad/Ryan (Chyan)
Category: Romance. Incredibly long one-shot (over 12,200 words) in two parts because livejournal broke when I tried to post it all together.
Disclaimer: Yes, I totally own the HSM franchise AND Disney. And if you believe that, I've got just the thing for you! 100% genuine unicorn hair! Guaranteed to grant you eternal life! Only $5,000 each!
Feedback: Please, Sir? May I have some more?

Summary/Snippet: And now for something completely different: When Chad panics, he lies. When Ryan has true friends, he tends to help them in anyway he can. How will this pan out and what, precisely, does it have to do with karaoke and cross-dressing?

In the space of one evening, Chad Danforth had gone from the Lady Killer, the Jock Extraordinaire, and this year's elected Prom King to the Boy Kissing, Possibly Expelled, Closet Case behind the bleachers.

Author's Notes: My first fic for the fandom, but far from the first fic I've written. This plot bunny has been gnawing at my brain for WEEKS. I finally gave in and sat down to write it today. I have this terrible habit of switching perspectives. A lot. But, seeing as it's Chad/Ryan centric, I think it worked. I am my own beta because I have yet to find a grammar nazi as insane as myself. I will have added author's notes at the end of the story to prevent spoilage. If you enjoy, gimme gimme <3<3s.

Part One

The Course of Denial (part two)

As the Spring semester flew by, Chad came to the horrible realization, two weeks prior, that Prom was coming up. His mother had completely forgotten to bring it up until one evening she asked,

“So, are you taking Sharpay to Prom?”

Chad looked baffled at this and responded with an ineloquent, “Huh?”

“Prom? In two weeks? Your girlfriend? Sharpay? Are you two still together? I hope so. She was so lovely. Not at all as snobby as I thought she might be…”

Chad, yet again, panicked. He knew he should have told her they had broken up. Some stupid story about how they realized they would be better off as friends. Something to get himself out of the little web of lies he had weaved, but he couldn’t stop himself as the words fell from his mouth, “Yeh, yeh of course. I asked her months ago…”

“Wonderful! And you know you better bring her here before you go so we can take pictures. I won’t have it any other way. If you want to borrow my car, I’ll make sure it’s available. Oh,” Roxanne handed her son the credit card he was only permitted to have for rainy days, “Make sure you buy a nice suit, remember, the tie has to match Sharpay’s dress, and you won’t need to get this yet, but a lovely corsage is a must.”

Chad nodded dumbly as took the card and walked upstairs to his bedroom. He shut the door and pulled out his cellphone. The growing number of rings mocked his need for an immediate answer. When finally an answer came from the other end,


“Ryan! Thank god! Can you meet me at our Starbucks in half an hour?”


“You WHAT?”

Chad cringed, “I know, alright?! It just, kind of… Slipped out! I panicked, I don’t know why I didn’t tell her we had broken up or something!”

Ryan shook his head, “I can’t believe you told her you were taking Sharpay. You know she’s going with Zeke, right? There’s no way she’d go with you. Chad, sometimes, I just can’t believe how stupid you can be! What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. I… Wait! You’re not going to Prom, right?”

Ryan answered suspiciously, “Right…”

“Well, uh… Would you, umm, like to?”

“Oh, no! I am not pulling another Tony Curtis, you can forget it!”

“Tony Curtis? But I want you to dress like Sharpay again!”

“That was a reference to ‘Some Like It Hot’, you cultureless lunkhead!”

“Dude, no need to get all crazy on me! I was just asking…”

“I know what you were asking, but how far are you going to continue to let this run? So, when your mom asks if you’ve proposed yet? Are you going to tell her ‘yes’ then, too? What about when she asks when the wedding day is? When you plan on having children? Oh, no. You need to get yourself out of this lie now.”

“But I can’t. Just, please, Ryan? Please?” Chad moved from his chair and knelt before his friend, “Please do this for me? This will be the last time. I just, I can’t do that to my mom. I can’t be a liar. She’d hate me for it.”

Ryan rolled his eyes, “Get back in the chair.” As Chad re-seated himself, Ryan continued, “You have to remember, Chad. You are a liar and you can’t always count on your friends to get you out of your messes.”

“Just this last time, Ryan? Please?”

The blond sighed in acquiescence, “Chad, even if I did agree, you’re forgetting one minor detail.”


“My sister is already going. Won’t it be a little obvious if there are two Sharpays at one Prom?”

“No, no, we can, just make sure to steer clear from Zeke and her. I mean, there’s going to be like, a zillion people at this dance, right? It shouldn’t be too hard…”

“Good to know you never exaggerate. Oh! Look who I’m talking to!”

Chad sighed, “Please?”

Ryan let the jock sit there and stew in his juices for a few moments. He wanted to make the boy suffer for as long as possible. He knew he was going to say ‘yes’ the second Chad had asked him. His damnable heart was getting hopeful on him again. But there was no reason Chad had to know that. He let out a long-suffering sigh before saying, “Fine. I’ll do it.”


The week before the dance, Ryan took Chad to the mall to hunt for their outfits. Finding a tasteful black suit for Chad was surprisingly easy and short-lived. They spent barely any time at all in the men’s section of the department store.

As they made their trek to the little shop licensed to sell various, high-end, designer couture, Chad asked, “Why couldn’t we get your dress in that department store as well?”

“Because, if I have to go to our Senior Prom in a dress, it’s going to be a damn good one.”

They walked in and Chad found himself automatically going into his boredom daze. The store was filled with nothing but dresses. He then realized he would never, ever, understand women.

Ryan gasped, “Oh wow, I found it, Chad!”

The curly haired boy was instantly at his friend’s side. It was a deep blue and grey dress and as far as Chad could tell, it was very pretty. “Why this dress?”

“Because it’s very close to the one Sharpay got for Prom. This way, when we bump into people who have already seen her, they aren’t going to think she keeps changing dresses!”

Chad stared at the blond in awe, took his hand, and kissed it before bowing his head, “You are a genius.”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “Alright, I need to try this on.”


“I need to try it on, no point in spending $3,250 on a gown that won’t fit, is there?”

Chad blanched, “$3,250?! That’s more than the car I looked at last week!”

“Shhh! Don’t cause a scene. This is Dolce & Gabbana, Chad. I told you, if I have to wear a dress, it’s going to be a damn good one.” Ryan turned and saw a saleswoman. He approached her and flashed his most charming smile, “Good afternoon, miss. I’m looking for a present for my twin sister, Sharpay Evans…”

Chad rolled his eyes at Ryan’s incredibly unsubtle name drop. But, he had to give it to the boy. It worked like magic. The saleswoman was fully rapt in what Ryan had to say after that.

“Oh, yes, your twin sister. Were you interested in this D & G?”

Ryan smiled, “I am, but I don’t know her dress size. We’re the same, being twins and all, so I was hoping I could try it on?”

The saleswoman didn’t even bat her eyes at such a request as she nodded, “This way, Mr. Evans.”

Ryan nodded for Chad to follow them to the changing rooms. Chad sat at the obscenely upholstered stool opposite Ryan’s room.

After several minutes Ryan asked, “Chad? Could you come in a minute?”

Chad felt his stomach knot up in trepidation, “Why?”

“I can’t zip it up all of the way.”

The jock let out a sigh of relief, “Oh, yeh. Sure.” He opened the door to find the blond’s back facing him. His hands were on his hips, his flawless back completely exposed all the way down to his hips. Chad felt himself gulp. His cheeks burned as he thought, ‘The naked back of a boy should not have this sort of effect on me…’

“Chad? Did you fall asleep? Zip me up, please?”

Snapped out of his thoughts, the curly haired boy did as he was asked. When Ryan turned around, the blond looked terribly pleased.

“It fits. Perfect. Okay, now that I have a dress, we need to get you a matching tie, after that? We’re home free.”

Chad nodded dumbly as he was pushed out of the changing room. He started silently reciting his mantra again.


Prom night finally arrived. The boys had met at, what they considered, their Starbucks, changed into their outfits, and made the drive to the Danforth home to take an obscene amount of pictures before Roxanne permitted them to leave. Neither of them had been hungry enough to go to dinner prior, so they grabbed a couple of scones from Starbucks on the way to the dance. They arrived at the school just on time.

Chad parked his mother’s car in the student parking lot and they exited the vehicle. They had gotten half way to the gymnasium, when Chad remembered something. “Hold on!” He ran back to the car, and after a minute of searching, came back to his “date”. He proffered the simple white flower in the plastic box, “Corsage for the lady?”

Ryan laughed in his higher pitch and feigned a swoon, “Oh, how romantic.”

Chad laughed, “Shut up. My mom told me that’s what you’re supposed to do.” He opened the box and pulled the corsage out.

Ryan offered his wrist and Chad put it on.

“Well, all sarcasm aside, it is very nice.”

Chad smiled and proffered his arm, “Ready for the Prom?”

“The real question is, is the Prom ready for us?”

The two boys shared a laugh as they made their way to the entrance.


The decorations in the gym were a simplistic black and white theme. It was elegant and lovely. Black chairs circling tables adorned with white table cloths. Even all of the plastic cups and utensils at the refreshments table were part of the black and white theme. Ryan smiled. It wasn’t bad. For a high school dance.

In the stead of a live band, the Prom committee had opted for a rather popular DJ in the area, who played the right amount of current music to appeal to the kids and “oldies” to appeal to the few parent chaperones and faculty.

The boys had lucked out. The only people who decided to attend Prom from their inner circle had been Gabriella and Troy, and Sharpay and Zeke. They both assumed avoiding four out of 400 students wouldn’t be all that difficult.

Then, half an hour into the dance, they ran into Troy and Gabriella.

Gabriella practically squealed with delight, “Chad! Sharpay! Where’s Zeke?”

Chad pulled at his tie nervously as he started to stutter, “I… I… Uh, you know… He… Umm… Well…”

Ryan interrupted in his most perfected Sharpay voice, “He went to the bathroom. Chad asked me to dance while I waited. Isn’t that just precious?”

Troy nodded, “You here with anyone, Chad? Or did you go stag?”

“I, uh… I, yeh. I am. But, I can’t tell you who.” Chad rolled his eyes at himself as he thought, ‘Smooth. Real smooth.’

They all stood and talked for a few minutes until Troy turned to Gabriella and asked, “Punch?”

The couple said goodbye to the boys and went off in the other direction.

Chad let out a sigh of relief, “That was close!”

“What was close, dude?” A familiar voice asked behind him.

Chad froze in terror. At the rate the evening was going, he was going to end up having a heart attack. He turned around and found the taller boy, was at the current moment, without his date. Thank God for small miracles. “Nothing, Zeke.”

The taller boy nodded and then noticed Ryan, “Hey, baby. I thought you were freshening up or something?”

Ryan laughed nervously, “Oh! Umm, all finished…”

Zeke nodded, “Come on, Pay. Let’s go dance.” The boy grabbed Ryan by the wrist and dragged him to the center of the dance floor.

Chad watched on in horror. Ryan looked just as terrified as Chad felt. The two boys gazed around frantically for any sight of Sharpay.

Zeke pulled Ryan in closer, “Who you lookin’ for, baby?”

“Oh, uh… No one,” He giggled nervously again.

Zeke looked down and creased his brow in question, “Hey, wasn’t the corsage I got you pink?”

“Oh, it… It must be the lighting,” Ryan had never been so unable to prevent his voice from shaking. This evening was getting closer and closer to dangerous waters. He feigned a cough, “I’m just, going to get some water, I’ll meet you at the refreshments?” And before Zeke could respond, Ryan disappeared into the crowd.

Someone grabbed Ryan’s arm, and just as he feared the worst, he turned to find himself facing Chad. The blond let out a sigh of relief, “Thank God.”

“I know. Sharpay started heading towards the dance floor when you cut and run. I’m thinking this was a bad idea. Like, really bad.”

“Now you get the clue.”

“What do you say to hanging out for a couple more songs, then getting the hell out of here?”

Ryan smiled, “Sounds like a plan. Let’s go, hide in a corner or something for now.”

Chad laughed and followed the blond.

They stood there, watching all of their peers enjoying themselves, in companionable silence as they allowed their heart rates to return to normal.

‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ by The Drifters came on and Ryan turned to face Chad. He offered his hand, “Dance with me?”

Chad laughed, “What? Are you nuts?”

Ryan shook his head, “No, I love this song and I want to at least have danced once with my ‘date’ at my Senior Prom. Come on, Chad. After everything I’ve done for you? Please?”

The curly haired boy nodded, “Alright. Just the one dance, then we get the hell out of here.”

Ryan smiled and dragged the boy into the sea of swaying students, but keeping themselves near the back, to avoid any unwanted attention. He put his arms around Chad’s neck.

Chad placed his hands around Ryan’s waist. They swayed slowly to the smooth rhythm, both of them unwittingly mouthing the words to the song. When they realized what they were doing, they laughed good-naturedly at each other.

Chad felt brave at that instant and spun Ryan out and brought him back in.

The blond chuckled, obviously impressed, “What happened to ‘I don’t dance’?”

The jock shrugged, “I lied…”

“Yeh, you’ve been doing that a lot lately.”

Chad laughed and as he brought the blond in close again, he felt the beginnings of his losing control over his emotions. Ryan was an amazing person in every way possible and Chad couldn’t help but feel connected to the boy on a level he had never shared with anyone else. At that moment, swaying in a crowd of students, to a classic romantic song, with Ryan Evans in his arms, he let himself give in and found himself leaning in closer.

Ryan widened his eyes with realization, but before he could protest, Chad pressed his lips against the blond’s.

It was soft at first. Tentative and silently asking permission. But when Chad realized the boy in his arms was not objecting, he deepened the kiss. Ryan tasted of some sort of fruit. He couldn’t place it. It was sweet and spicy all at once. As he felt the blond gently bite his lip, Chad’s whole body reacted. He could feel everything, mostly the hammering of his heart against his chest. It was intense and desperate. He pulled the blond in closer, afraid that if he let go, he would lose himself entirely.

The two boys were so engrossed in each other; they never heard Principal Matsui as he took the mic on the little stage at the end of the gym. They never heard him say that it was time to announce this year’s Prom King and Queen. They never heard him announce proudly,

“This year’s Prom Queen, as voted by the students, is Ms. Gabriella Montez!”

They never noticed the spotlight finding the smiling girl among the crowd.

“And her date for the evening is Mr. Troy Bolton!”

They never noticed the couple approach the stage.

But when Principal Matsui announced, “And this year’s Prom King, as voted by the students, is Mr. Chad Danforth!”

The two boys jumped apart. As the spotlight found them, Chad froze like a deer in headlights.

“And his date for the evening is Ms. Sharpay Evans?”

Everyone turned to face them when a shrill, “What?!” was heard from amongst the crowd.

Sharpay marched towards the spotlight and stood before her ‘imposter’.

Troy turned to Gabriella, “Shit, there’s two Sharpays?”

The brunette rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and watched on in fascination.

Sharpay eyed the look-alike carefully before she gasped, “Ryan?” She approached her brother and yanked his wig off. “Oh my God, Ryan. What the hell are you doing?”

The entire gaggle of students erupted into laughter and whispers. Mostly questions about the sexualities of the two boys literally in the spotlight.

Principal Matsui shouted, “That’s enough!” into the microphone and stepped down from the stage to approach them. He grabbed the two boys by their arm and dragged them both bodily through the gym until they were outside.

“I will not have such disgusting displays in my school, am I understood?”

Ryan winced and nodded. Chad just continued to stare down at the floor.

“You are both suspended for one week and after that? We’ll have a meeting with your parents to figure out what to do with you and understand this, what you two have done tonight is grounds for expulsion! So, until that meeting, you are not to step within the boundaries of the school, is that clear?”

Ryan’s voice was barely audible as he mumbled a sad, “Yes.”

Principal Matsui looked to Chad, “Is that clear, Mr. Danforth?”

Chad couldn’t find his voice. He just ran off in the direction of the track.


As Chad leaned against the support beam of the bleachers he was hiding behind, he heard a tentative,


The jock wanted to curl up into himself and never come out. He had ruined all of his chances for a decent future in one night because he couldn’t be truthful with his mother. And on top of that, his sexual preference was in question!

“Go away, Ryan.”

The blond came around the bleachers and approached the jock. “Are… Are you alright?”

Chad laughed mirthlessly, “Oh, just peachy.”

“Look, I don’t really know what to say. Other than I’m sorry.”

Chad snorted.

Ryan pressed on, “I know tonight probably couldn’t have ended any worse, but I need to know something. I need to know if you meant it. If it was real?”

“If what was real?”

“The kiss. It was. Fuck, I can’t explain it, but it sure felt real. I’m putting myself out on the line here. I… I have feelings for you and if you didn’t mean it, if, I don’t know, it was just a game, if you aren’t actually attracted to me, I need to know now. I can’t take waiting any longer…”

“Look, I’m not a fag like you, okay?” The second Chad said it, regret was all over his face, “Oh, Ryan, I meant…”

Ryan’s face went blank, the only give-away to the hurt that little word had caused was the single tear that fell, “No. I know what you meant. Fuck you, Chad Danforth. Fuck you.”

Ryan walked off and Chad sank to the ground. As the tears started to fall, he mumbled, “Fuck me is right.”


Two hours after the fiasco that was Prom, Chad dragged himself towards the front door of his house. As he approached, he noticed something on the porch. He bent down to pick it up.

It was the fedora he had given Ryan as a Christmas present. Chad felt his heart break for the second time that night.

As he opened the door, his mom walked into the entry hall, “Hey, honey. How was it? Did you win?”

Chad looked at his mother, then looked down at the hat he was holding. He didn’t even feel the pain as his knees slammed into the hardwood floor. He was too busy convulsing with sobs.

Roxanne was instantly at her son’s side, “Chad! Oh my God, Chad! Honey! What’s the matter? What happened?”

Through his sobs he managed a slightly coherent, “I need to tell you something…”


The week had passed. Chad had spent it telling his mom the truth and the reasons behind his lies. He told her everything. Including the way he felt about and then treated Ryan. He never knew his mom would be so understanding. He had never been more appreciative of his family than he did at that moment.

After school had ended the following Friday, Chad, his mother, Ryan, and Mrs. Evans found themselves all in Principal Matsui’s office.

The man let out a sigh, “Unfortunately, these two boys violated this school’s policies about same-sex conduct at school events. Their actions at the Prom are grounds for expulsion. Their conduct was inappropriate.”

Roxanne gasped, whereas Mrs. Evans scoffed.

The blonde woman had always appeared sweet, if a little ditzy, while doting on her children at Lava Springs. But here, inside this office, she very much resembled a lioness protecting her cub.

She stood and crossed her arms, “What’s inappropriate, Mr. Matsui, is your blatant intolerance of our sons’ sexual orientations. Firstly, we can rule out any dress code violations. Ryan’s dress was within all of the permitted lengths and styles. And Mr. Danforth was in a tasteful suit. Secondly, any “lewd” or “inappropriate” behavior conducted, was no different from ANY of the teenagers at that dance. You can trust me when I say I have read, and had my attorneys read, all of this school’s rules and policies, and under no circumstances does it forbid an attendee of a public school function from dressing opposite their gender. It is assumed the dress length dress code is for females, it is never stated. And, as far as you are concerned, these two boys could have met up at the dance, as opposed to having attended it together…”

“Mrs. Evans, I…”

“Do NOT interrupt me. These two boys have done nothing wrong and as such, they will not be expelled or forbidden to walk during graduation. If you feel the need to give them detention, then that is in your every right, but they are not deserving of any harsher punishment than that.

“And you must realize the sort of damage an Evans pursuing a lawsuit against a publicly funded school for discrimination against her son could do to your reputation? Not to mention the little bit of money that is the school’s budget? I could ruin you, Sir. And make no mistake, if you attempt to expel either of these boys, I will. This conversation is done. Have I made myself clear?”

Principal Matsui had never looked so dumbfounded. He frowned and muttered a bitter, “Crystal.”

Chad and Roxanne stared at the woman with astonished appreciation. As the four of them exited the office, Chad’s mother approached Ryan’s.

“Mrs. Evans, thank you so much for standing up for my son as well as your own.”

The blonde woman nodded cordially, “I am not accepting of intolerance of any kind. It was my pleasure. Nice to have met you, Mrs. Danforth.”


The two women shook hands and dragged their sons in opposite directions. Chad tried to not think about the fact that Ryan refused to make eye contact with him.


The weeks prior to graduation, Chad did everything he could to apologize to Ryan, but the blond boy refused to speak with him. Ryan stopped sitting at their usual lunch table. He requested to move seats in any of the classes he shared with Chad. And the one time Chad went into the Auditorium to catch the blond; Sharpay had verbally attacked the jock and demanded he leave.

She might have been the one to have outed them, but she hadn’t been the one that hurt her twin. And that was saying something.

So, Chad came up with a plan. It was crazy. It probably wouldn’t work. It would probably be grounds for Principal Matsui refusing to allow Chad to have his diploma. Summer school for the misbehaved? Whatever the outcome, he had to give it one last shot. If Ryan refused to listen, he was going to at least make him hear.


Graduation day had arrived and the students were all settled in the bleachers in the middle of the football stadium.

Ryan refused to let his attention fall onto the curly haired boy in front of him. His heart ached every time he saw Chad. Every time he remembered the friendship they had shared. The possibility of something more. Something amazing. And what the jock had thrown away in a fit of insecurity. As the speeches were ending, Ryan decided to just stare up at the sky until his name was called.

So he didn’t notice the thumbs up the jock had given to Taylor. Nor the boy’s disappearance from the stands entirely.

“Chad Danforth,” Was called out.

Ryan refused to look down. But then it was called again. And again. Ryan’s curiosity got the better of him and he looked down. Sure enough, the curly haired boy was nowhere in sight. Then Principal Matsui’s mic on the stand stopped working.

Suddenly the speakers were filled with the chords of an extremely recognizable song. Ryan felt his heart constrict when he heard through the speakers, a wonderfully familiar singing voice,

“I feel so unsure
As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
As the music dies
Something in your eyes
Calls to mind the silver screen
And all its sad good-byes,

I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool,

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
And waste the chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you.”

Everyone was frantically looking around for the singer who had the gall to interrupt their graduation day so masterfully. Then Chad appeared at the bottom of the bleachers, the opposite side of Mr. Matsui and the same side as Ryan. He began ascending the stairs as he continued,

”Time can never mend
The careless whispers of a good friend
To the heart and mind
Ignorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find

I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
And waste this chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you

Never without your love…”

The students in Ryan’s row readily moved out of the way as Chad approached the blond. When he reached Ryan, the curly haired boy knelt as he poured himself entirely into the song,

”Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
We'd hurt each other with the things we'd want to say

We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But now who’s gonna dance with me?
Please stay...”

Ryan watched in astonishment as the security guards appeared to have come out of nowhere and dragged the curly haired boy from the bleachers. But despite being bodily forced down the stairs and out of the stadium, Chad continued to sing until the faculty figured out how to switch the speakers back to Principal Matsui’s mic.

All of the students and most of the parents in the audience were applauding Chad. Whether because he broke the monotony of the ceremony, pulled off an amazing prank, or did a really good rendition of ‘Careless Whisper’, one thing was sure; Chad Danforth was going down a legend.

“And I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
And waste the chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you…”


Chad had decided to slowly walk home after his expulsion from the graduation ceremony. With a one hour long Starbucks stop, he figured his trek took him three hours or so. Which meant, his mother had enough time to cool down. He really didn’t feel like being murdered.

As he approached his house, he noticed a green convertible was parked out front. Ryan Evans was leaning against it, his face stone cold serious.

Chad sighed. He had apparently made the blond angrier.

“Did you mean it? Was that real, Chad?!” Ryan demanded.

“Was what real?”

“The apology. The song. Did you mean it? Because, I swear to God, if you’re messing with me, I’ll have you murdered! I’m rich enough, and you know I…” Ryan was unable to finish his tirade due to an abundance of Chad Danforth on his lips.

Chad poured every unheard apology into that kiss and when he gently pulled away, he leaned his cheek against Ryan’s own, “I meant it. I meant everything. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. Having you in my life has been one hell of a mindfuck, Ryan. But I’m starting to realize, that’s not such a bad thing.”

Ryan chuckled, “So, you realized you actually are a fag like me, then?”

Chad pulled away and smiled, “Yeh, something like that.”

The End

Additional Author's Notes
: Alright, here we go.

1. The reason I chose Chad's karaoke songs to be Wham! is because I think Corbin Bleu's voice is remarkably like George Michael's at certain times. I don't care if you think I'm crazy, I swear I hear it. Not to mention I think they worked really well.
2. Ryan's singing of "Fever" was my own personal homage to the wonderful Extra Innings series by kelbebop and phoebenpiper.
3. I researched until I was blue in the face anything I could find on the Danforth family, which ended up being nothing. So I made it all up.
4. I am aware that the "King" is usually crowned before the "Queen", but let's just pretend this is a work of fiction. My story really wouldn't have worked the other way.
5. I love Mrs. Evans. A lot. And am fully convinced she would be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her "Ducky".
6. And if there are any mistakes on accuracy of their classes, the Prom, or any other general high school information, I apologize. I'm going off of my own personal experiences. And if it bothers anyone all that much, let us assume I am just being as accurate as Disney. XD!

Thank you so much for reading!



Hey, this was just awesome. I've been looking for good Ryan fics for two days (I watched HSM2 for the first time two days ago and have been infatuated with Ryan since then)and your story is the first HSM story I really loved and couldn't stop reading. Really, well done!

Re: Awesome

Oh, you made me all blushy! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!
So . . . I love this.
plain and simple.

Too cute. =]
I'm glad you did! Thank you so much!
ekkkkkkkkk stupid principle but guhh i love this ship so freaking much and boooo to expulsion i would have cheer if that happened
Thank you so much!
Totally, one hundred percent awesome.

And I can - sort of - appreciate the whole prom scene. At my high school(in southern Alabama), anyone caught dancing with someone of the same sex - in other words, guys because no one cared if the girls danced with each other - was kicked out of prom. The two guys I went with were almost too afraid to dance with each other... I felt bad for them...

But... *happy sigh* My Monday has been made, and I don't think you realize how hard that is. So... go you!!
:"> Thank you very very much! I'm so chuffed you enjoyed it!

Yeh, my high school was similar, and I live in California!
Even better conclusion. Mama Evans rocks completely, and so does Chad being willing to deal with insane consequences for trying to win Ryan back. Annnd I super, super love Chad's mom, too. You did a great job with her.
Wow. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed my rendition of her!

And yes, Mrs. Evans is made of ORSOME. I love that character. It should be mandatory to include her in all fics, IMO.
loved loved loved loved this.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
This was a wonderful wonderful story! I love your rendition of the characters and I would love it if you wrote more! Even if it was just a piece with them already together or somthing along those lines.

Question.... does being expelled from the ceremony mean that Chad didn't graduate? I'm English and have little knowledge of these things.

Again... wonderful story!
Unfortunately, I don't tend to write fanfic any more. This was a one-off that was just demanding I write it. If I ever do decide to change my mind, I can promise I will definitely write them in an established relationship.

No, he still graduated. In California, the students have technically graduated/finished school prior to the ceremony. The ceremony itself is just a way to honor them properly. Pranks are punishable, but the school cannot withhold the diploma if the student earned all of his/her credits. But, I wanted it to come across that no matter what happened, Chad was determined to have Ryan hear him out, you know?

Thank you so so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!
Oh, and addendum: I live in California and am assuming the graduation policy is similar in New Mexico.

And my brain totally went into Queer as Folk territory with Ryan and Chads dance <333

Again, awesome ^_^
Oh, my! Thank you so much! You made me all purpley.

I totally wasn't planning the QaF reference either, I just wanted to use a dancing theme for all of the songs in the fic, and that just fit so perfectly. The inadvertent QaF thing was a huge bonus!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Your welcome! Have I mentioned the awesomeness? lol.

Haha, I've pulled inadvertent QaF references as well. Normally no one picks up on them though, I spot them all the time. xDDD They make it even more awesome <3

I used the word 'awesome' more in these two posts than I have in like... ever.
Chyan fics make me cry. <3 (As a good thing, of course! Because you're touched by them.) And no other fandoms has such impact on me as this one. :D

I cannot express how much I loved this fic! It's one of the best ones I've ever read. In any fandom. ILY <33

And once again, I love how you wrote Chad's family and especially his mom. And Mrs Evans rocks! ^^

Oh my! Thank you so so much! You've made me all purply and whatnots!

I'm glad you loved how I wrote them, because I loved writing them!

Thank you!
That was absolutely adorable! I'm not usually fond of the cross dressing fics, but this one just made me visibly made me smile several times, which fanfics rarely do. I loved the parts that had them interacting with the Danforths, and cringed when they were outed at the prom.

Also, I completely agree that Mrs. Evans would be a nightmare to deal with when it comes to protecting her "Ducky". :) Great job!
I'm not into cross-dressing fics for sexual kinks myself. Hence why I tried to take it in a more silly direction. And because Ryan and Sharpay are twins, I don't know, it just begged to be written.

I envision Mrs. Evans to be a lot like Hanelore's mother from QC. That's who I had in mind when I wrote her conversation with Matsui. I think she could terrify me, and that is beyond amazing.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
this should be CANON!
That would be amazing if it were.

Dear Disney,

I have a scenario for which direction you should take one of the side story lines in HSM3.


Fangirl #7589437695
I loved this story, both parts of it!
And you got Ryan to crossdress--twice--without making him seem slutty/trampy: YAY! :D

Keep up the wonderful work. ^^
I'm glad that came across! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Oooh this was a perfect bedtime story.

I loved it.

Mama Evans was amazing, and I loved Chad's mom too.

The boys were just adorable. Confused Chad + Insecure Ryan= love.

Amazing stuff.
Thank you so much!! I'm thoroughly chuffed you enjoyed it!

I love their moms, too. XD!


*loved it*

Great job!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I'm all weepy and moved...I actually put 'careless whispers' on while reading the last part, and the song faded just together with the last notes...it was, without any other word, perfect.
And take into account that I really don't like cross-dressing stories...but I'm going to make an exception and take thist story as a favourite of mine.

Thank you so much.
Wow. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I'm so chuffed you enjoyed it!
it wasn't possible not to.
one of the best I saw in this fandom.
you'll write more, right? RIGHT?
You make me all blushy!

I might write more, but not until NanoWrimo month is over. XD!
what is that supposed to mean?!
I want more NOW.
Nanowrimo. I have to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. I'm up to 530 words. XD! Haha!

After this hellish month is over, and I write something more for this pairing, I'll dedicate it to you, how's that sound?
*cries* I can't believe it!
I love you!
I'll patiently wait (I won't offer my help as my english is crap, but anyway)

oh!you didn't read my first fic, did you?
please do and tell me what you think, your opinion is so important to me!
Heh. The help you can offer, what are things you like? Or what is something you would like to see in a Chyan fic? That would make it a little more meaningful. One catch, I don't write smut. I'm too immature and I suck at it anyway. Heh.
what I like.
FOOD *drools* ehehe.
well, about Chyan, I give you an idea: what if Chad and Ryan were together BEFORE HSM2 (since twinkletown)?
and what if they didn't want the others to know? that leads to a completely different point of view on HSM2, and I think nobody thought about it.
I think this would be prettyinteresting to read AND to write, so if you won't let me know and I will XD
hope it'll help.
I actually do believe there has been a few fics written with that sort of premise, but I could probably swing something along those lines for ya! After November, of course. XD!
love you so much.

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